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Conservative Small Businessman Brian Kemp Fighting for Georgia

About Brian

Brian Kemp is a conservative small business owner with a record of fighting and winning for Georgia.

As our Governor, Kemp will fight for rural Georgia, reform state government, make our state #1 for small business, and put Georgians first.

Brian Kemp will fight - and win - for us!

Brian Kemp on the Issues

Make Georgia #1 for Small Business

  • Take a chainsaw to anti-jobs, anti-growth regulations
  • Cut red tape and streamline state government
  • Stand firm against healthcare reform that punishes small business owners

Strengthen Rural Georgia

  • Give rural communities the same opportunities as Metro Atlanta
  • Promote economic development and investment
  • Support farmers, agri-business, and small town start-ups

Reform State Government

  • Cap state spending
  • Conservative budgeting, refund money to taxpayers
  • Enhance transparency and accountability

Put Georgia First

  • Defund sanctuary cities and campuses
  • Stop taxpayer funded subsidies for illegal immigrants
  • Protect our conservative values