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Conservative Small Businessman Brian Kemp Fighting for Georgia

About Brian

Brian Kemp is a conservative small businessman with a proven record of fighting – and winning – for Georgia.

In the State Senate, Kemp fought to cut fees, taxes, and mandates on job creators and Georgia families. As Secretary of State, Kemp used technology and innovation to cut bureaucratic red tape, slash spending, and streamline government. Kemp fought the Obama Justice Department and countless left-wing organizations attempting to undermine Georgia’s elections.

Kemp is not finished fighting for Georgia.

As our Governor, Kemp will fight to make Georgia #1 for small business. He will ensure that all parts of our state – including rural Georgia – have opportunities to grow and thrive. Kemp will fundamentally reform state government and will always put Georgians first - not the special interests.

While serving in public office, Brian Kemp has remained a small business owner with companies in agribusiness, financial services, real estate management and investment. A lifelong resident of Athens, Kemp is a graduate of the University of Georgia, where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Agriculture.

Kemp, 53, is married to the former Marty Argo of Athens. They are the proud parents of three daughters and are active members of Emmanuel Episcopal Church.

Brian Kemp's 4-Point Plan

1. Make Georgia #1 for Small Business

  • Take a chainsaw to ridiculous regulations and burdensome mandates
  • Work with business people - not bureaucrats - to cut red tape and streamline state government
  • Stand firm against healthcare reform that punishes small businesses

2. Reform State Government

  • Implement State Spending Cap that Adjusts with Population and Inflation
  • Determine ROI on state programs, tax incentives
  • Eliminate wasteful programs, tax incentives, bureaucracy

3. Strengthen All of Georgia

  • Give rural communities the same opportunities as the rest of Georgia
  • Bring high-speed Internet to rural Georgia
  • Promote economic development and investment across the entire state
  • Support farmers, agri-business, and small town start-ups

4. Put Georgia First

  • Defund sanctuary cities and campuses
  • Stop taxpayer funded subsidies for illegal immigrants
  • Protect our Georgia values
  • Put the needs of hardworking Georgians ahead of special interests