About Brian Kemp

Over thirty years ago, Brian Kemp built his first business with a pick-up truck and a shovel. 

From digging ditches to starting a community bank, he’s created hundreds of jobs in construction, manufacturing, farming, and agri-business for hardworking Georgians throughout our state. 

Brian Kemp has a proven record of fighting and winning on the issues that matter most to Georgia families. 

In the Senate, he fought to slash the taxes, mandates, and regulations that make it difficult for small businesses to grow and prosper. 

As Secretary of State, Kemp stopped radical groups from undermining Georgia’s elections, streamlined government, saved millions, and delivered better outcomes for business owners, voters, and taxpayers. 

This election is a battle for the soul of our state. A fight for Georgia’s future. 

As governor, Brian Kemp will invest in public education and protect our families from crime and gangs. Kemp will work to lower taxes and healthcare costs. He will ensure that all communities have high paying jobs – regardless of zip code. 

Brian Kemp will do the right thing – even if he has to stand up to his own party. He will put hardworking Georgians first – ahead of the special interests. 

A devoted family man, Brian is married to Marty. They are the proud parents of three teenage daughters – Jarrett, Lucy and Amy Porter. The Kemps live in Athens and are active members of Emmanuel Episcopal Church. 

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